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easter... eh?

why do people celebrate easter? please shine some light on this for me.

don't get me wrong. I appreciate any excuse to get together with family, but why easter? why not any other sunday? why do we need a holiday that means nothing to me and probably most of my family to do this?

i guess what it really boils down to is i hate holidays that take place on sundays? whether it be christmas, halloween or arbor day, i just don't care for them. right now my family is in the other room debating about politics and the housing market. ugh... not interested in any of this. it's fine, it's an exciting time for my sister and tom because they're trying to sell their house and that's interesting to them. but it kinda shuts me out of the conversation. what do i have to contribute to any of this?

well i think its almost dinner time - happy easter i guess