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old people and babies

there are two groups of people in this world that get a long very well...

old people and babies: if you think about it for a second, you'll realize they have a lot in common. they both have a hard time walking, pooping, and forming sentences that make much sense. they both think the music is too loud all the time, but they both love dancing (or trying to at least). in a lot of cases, both don't have teeth so eating is an issue too, and usually consume very soft foods.

i think because of these reasons (and many more that I haven't mentioned or have forgotten), both old people and babies have a lot to talk about. when you're living at both opposite sides of the life cycle, you don't really involve yourself with the stuff in the middle that doesn't really apply to you like work, stress, and petty things like keeping a status, and driving. its always nice seeing an old dude and baby sitting together at a table; the old dude reading his paper, the baby just looking around blabbering on about nothing while spitting up it's food... the light conversation and interaction between the two is fantastic...

i just think when your life is just beginning or coming to a close, things can be confusing, beautiful and scary. but i think because there are no distractions like work and everyday stress in the way, you treasure moments more and the days can go by slowly. i really can appreciate that, and wish more of us in the middle would take a moment here and there in the day to realize just how amazing life really is. and also just realize that we're all still the children who grew up laughing and playing without a care in the world, only we're just taller now.