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tall children

as i gain more responsibility at work, i get pulled into lots of meetings and am put face to face with people all the time. for me, its no big deal. i don't get intimidated, just annoyed i guess. its just funny to see people be so serious about a job or task that needs to get done. i'm a very laid back person and that doesn't mean i don't care about my job or said tasks, i just don't think we need to be so serious about them.

i'm ranting about this, because i was in this meeting yesterday at the hotel that was just so absurd. the meeting was requested by a client of the hotel that is holding an event here, and i guess they wanted me to be a part of it because i handle and oversee the ground transportation. i really can't describe how silly it felt to be in there. the requests they were asking the hotel staff were hilarious. i think they went back and forth with the head of catering for about 10 minutes about where they think coffee cups should be displayed for the meeting breaks. they also went on about table sizes in the dining room. they didn't want any table smaller than 6 but to optimally sit people, there is a mix of table sizes 8, 6 and 4. when the head of catering would explain this, the clients would pause and display these awkward pained faces. i can't remember everything, because i sorta spaced out after a while, but it is just so funny how anal they are being about everything. i think in the 45 minute meeting, they had just one question for me. they wanted to know if we could provide garbage bags on the buses for people if they got sick on their "night out" at the colorado cafe. its ironic that they can be so serious about where coffee cups are displayed but promote a night out of drinking and partying to the point where they get sick on the bus.

it just goes back to what i always say. we're all just tall children...

again i really think we shouldn't be so serious about meaningless things in our lives. obviously we all need to make a living based upon our life goals. if you want a family and a house, obviously you're gonna have to bend over once and a while. but i think there's a balance between being so caught up in your career, that your life takes a back seat to it. with that said i think people should be more assertive. they should take more charge of their lives and try to be as happy as possible. they should throw their inhibitions out the door and get rid of all senses of entitlement. the world does not owe you anything.

this attitude may lead to my downfall as the most unsuccessful businessman on the planet, but to me life comes first.