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your last year on earth

what are you going to do
when its your final curtain call
will you solve impossible equations
or travel around the globe
there's an earthquake in your heart
tsunamis overflow your home
clasping your hands together
speaking gently to yourself
and as the fire softly burns it all down
you open your eyes one last time

you miss yourself when you feel old
its hard to smile when you're cold

sit by the lake beside me
and watch the world come back to life
you have a generous heart
and convincing green eyes
there's an earthquake in the distance
I can hear it echo on the hills
we clasp our hands together
and speak gently with our eyes
and as the fire comes across the horizon
you close your eyes one last time

you miss yourself when you feel old
its hard to smile when you're cold


Futbol Americano

Jets vs Patriots, Sunday January 16th 2011

I enjoy watching a football game that doesn't kill my nerves. I'm not a huge fan of either one of these teams. Its no secret that Jets fans over the years have developed a very bitter ego after years of ending their season without a shot at the playoffs... Meanwhile the Pats and their fans are just full of themselves... They think they're invincible...

Part of me wonders if the Jets are working their way towards this attitude... When I was a kid, I remember the Pats were the worst team in football... If I wanted an easy game in Madden 93' I'd play Giants vs Patriots... The AFC has completely changed their face over the years... And good for them...

Back to my first point about watching a football game and just enjoying it... I'm a proud Giants fan... still a little bitter about not making it to the playoffs this year... When I watch a Giants game, my heart and my nerves will flutter... I'll pass out early the night of a game... I'll get up at halftime with a headache even if NY is winning... I completely emerse myself in the game... Its nuts but a beautiful thing...

Its nice for once to sit back and watch a game like this and just enjoy it... both teams are playing like champs, and its great to see... Don't know why I felt compelled to blog about it... I haven't written in my journal in a while... just wanted to express my enjoyment of the sport

Here we go... 14-11 Jets

Start of the fourth...



a fortress moves through water
it looms from behind rocks
and steers west into infinity
thousands of cliched metaphors
bounce off my tongue
the soft sinking ground
feels good on my feet
and all i can hear is peace
i could stay here forever
this place and this moment
its painless to think
but why even bother
when you can live in a painting

i don't take photographs
i don't need a physical memory
we can hold these images in our mind
without the use of technology

this place is a prison
that you can never leave
images stay in your mind
serving a life sentence
maximum security holds them inside
when you get on your plane
and leave them behind
but i could stay here forever
this place and this moment
its painless to think
but why even bother
when you can live in a painting

i don't take photographs
i don't need a physical memory
we can hold these images in our mind
without the use of technology


check out our awesome hotel room

well its more like a suite. we have a full kitchen, living room area, bedroom area, and a nice size bathroom area... i'm a big fan of this place. it's ridiculously clean and super affordable. homewood suites by hilton is the bomb. here's some pictures...

staying in a room like this spoils me. makes me never want to stay in any other kind of hotel room when i travel. there is so much space. if you were wondering why i'm at a hotel right now, its because i'm down in columbia, md (very close to baltimore but less ghetto) for a wedding. the weather is beautiful. i have the windows open right now and there's this nice breeze coming in. kare and i just had breakfast. great buffet (eggs, french toast, sausage, muffins, etc).

k that's it

enjoy your time on earth

tall children

as i gain more responsibility at work, i get pulled into lots of meetings and am put face to face with people all the time. for me, its no big deal. i don't get intimidated, just annoyed i guess. its just funny to see people be so serious about a job or task that needs to get done. i'm a very laid back person and that doesn't mean i don't care about my job or said tasks, i just don't think we need to be so serious about them.

i'm ranting about this, because i was in this meeting yesterday at the hotel that was just so absurd. the meeting was requested by a client of the hotel that is holding an event here, and i guess they wanted me to be a part of it because i handle and oversee the ground transportation. i really can't describe how silly it felt to be in there. the requests they were asking the hotel staff were hilarious. i think they went back and forth with the head of catering for about 10 minutes about where they think coffee cups should be displayed for the meeting breaks. they also went on about table sizes in the dining room. they didn't want any table smaller than 6 but to optimally sit people, there is a mix of table sizes 8, 6 and 4. when the head of catering would explain this, the clients would pause and display these awkward pained faces. i can't remember everything, because i sorta spaced out after a while, but it is just so funny how anal they are being about everything. i think in the 45 minute meeting, they had just one question for me. they wanted to know if we could provide garbage bags on the buses for people if they got sick on their "night out" at the colorado cafe. its ironic that they can be so serious about where coffee cups are displayed but promote a night out of drinking and partying to the point where they get sick on the bus.

it just goes back to what i always say. we're all just tall children...

again i really think we shouldn't be so serious about meaningless things in our lives. obviously we all need to make a living based upon our life goals. if you want a family and a house, obviously you're gonna have to bend over once and a while. but i think there's a balance between being so caught up in your career, that your life takes a back seat to it. with that said i think people should be more assertive. they should take more charge of their lives and try to be as happy as possible. they should throw their inhibitions out the door and get rid of all senses of entitlement. the world does not owe you anything.

this attitude may lead to my downfall as the most unsuccessful businessman on the planet, but to me life comes first.

old people and babies

there are two groups of people in this world that get a long very well...

old people and babies: if you think about it for a second, you'll realize they have a lot in common. they both have a hard time walking, pooping, and forming sentences that make much sense. they both think the music is too loud all the time, but they both love dancing (or trying to at least). in a lot of cases, both don't have teeth so eating is an issue too, and usually consume very soft foods.

i think because of these reasons (and many more that I haven't mentioned or have forgotten), both old people and babies have a lot to talk about. when you're living at both opposite sides of the life cycle, you don't really involve yourself with the stuff in the middle that doesn't really apply to you like work, stress, and petty things like keeping a status, and driving. its always nice seeing an old dude and baby sitting together at a table; the old dude reading his paper, the baby just looking around blabbering on about nothing while spitting up it's food... the light conversation and interaction between the two is fantastic...

i just think when your life is just beginning or coming to a close, things can be confusing, beautiful and scary. but i think because there are no distractions like work and everyday stress in the way, you treasure moments more and the days can go by slowly. i really can appreciate that, and wish more of us in the middle would take a moment here and there in the day to realize just how amazing life really is. and also just realize that we're all still the children who grew up laughing and playing without a care in the world, only we're just taller now.

Writer's Block: But enough about you

If it were possible to clone a same-age version of yourself, do you think the two of you would be friends? Do you think you'd enjoy each other's company or find the similar point of view boring?

answer: i would definitely get a long with my clone. i'd finally have someone who had the same musical tastes and skills as me. i'd get him to play bass guitar, find a drummer if christian wasn't around, and play shows in nyc. it would be perfect.

everyone wears jay's glasses but jay

- Kevin my loving brother sporting my glasses with fashion

- Tommy my brother in law rocking out

- Coreen rules the shit out of my glasses

- Tony, Tom's father kicking butt in fashion

- Stu Gogel living large in the girl glasses

- carol kicking it old school

easter... eh?

why do people celebrate easter? please shine some light on this for me.

don't get me wrong. I appreciate any excuse to get together with family, but why easter? why not any other sunday? why do we need a holiday that means nothing to me and probably most of my family to do this?

i guess what it really boils down to is i hate holidays that take place on sundays? whether it be christmas, halloween or arbor day, i just don't care for them. right now my family is in the other room debating about politics and the housing market. ugh... not interested in any of this. it's fine, it's an exciting time for my sister and tom because they're trying to sell their house and that's interesting to them. but it kinda shuts me out of the conversation. what do i have to contribute to any of this?

well i think its almost dinner time - happy easter i guess

seasonal music

I find the music I listen to goes a long with the weather like a fine wine with dinner. The genres and timbres taste better depending on the season, temperature, and atmosphere outside. A lot of the times, I'll end up hashing up old favorite albums like Waltz for Koop (Koop), Talkie Walkie (Air), When it Falls (Zero 7), or Guster (Parachute)... (as you can see, mostly genres like trip hop and soft pop). Anything really that relaxes me and doesn't distract from the excellent air and life I'm surrounded by. In the winter time, I tend to do the opposite with very deep, meaningful, lyrical and depressing music so I'm drawn in and taken away from the cold.

A nice peaceful drive with the windows down is the way to go. It doesn't even have to be a long one. But to me there's nothing better. The reason I bring this up is because I've been changing my listening selections on my drive to work. They put me in a sort of meditative state. By the time I get to work, I feel myself full of positive energy and ready to go. I wish there was a way to achieve the same thing in the winter, but I don't know if its possible.

Better rap this up... I'm sorta rambling... hope to do something fun tonight... A beer outside with friends would be clutch...